Men’s Custom Dress Shirt | Fashion Double Collar...


Men’s Custom Dress Shirt | Fashion Double Collar...

Mens Custom Dress Shirt

Men’s Custom Dress Shirt | Fashion Double Collar...


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  • Men’s Custom Dress Shirt Detail
  • Collar shape: Button-Down Double collar with 3″ width and collar stay is a very correct form of the collar that should always be worn with a tie.
    Regular placket.
    either without a breast pocket or a breast pocket with a straight cover.
    2 button double round Cutt cuff and back smooth.
    Note: We offer custom-made if our size chart is not suitable for your body. No extra charges for custom-made shirts. Select choose an option and go to Body or Shirt Measurement and add your size.
    If you need initial write in order description(initial words likeroyal oxford mens shirts maximum 5 words)initial color and position without extra charges.
  • Men’s Custom Dress Shirt
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Men’s Custom Dress Shirt | Fashion Double Collar | Button Down Shirts

Men’s Custom Dress Shirt is a totally unique quality that looks and feels almost like a gorgeous knit. White selvage chambray is absolutely indispensable.

The slightly uneven weave gives the fabric an incredible visual texture, as it is woven in small increments on a vintage shuttle loom,

a technology pioneer in the United States but completed in a Japanese factory.

This particular chambray has a heavier 10-second single-layer construction than most other chambrays,

giving the fabric a satisfactory weight and a naturally slightly stretchy, more breathable wear. Men’s Custom Dress Shirt.

It also softens after the first wash and penetrates considerably, making it feel like you’ve been wearing it for years since day one.

” It has a beautifully textured geometric structure that, along with its fine slub, subtle shine,

and gentle drape, makes for a visually interesting and flattering Men’s Custom Dress Shirt solid shirt.

Men’s Custom Dress Shirt A lightweight and breathable medium-weight 70s 2-ply fabric, it’s perfect for both a weekend at the beach and year-round wear.

This solid white is a truly versatile essential that transitions easily between business casual and more casual wear.

Recommended Styling: Stick with soft details. Try our Soft Roma Cutaway collar, no placket, and Soft Long One Button cuffs for a nice shirt you can easily dress up or down.

Poplin Fabric

What is Poplin?
Poplin, also known as tab vignette, is a plain weave cotton fabric with very fine horizontal “ribs” or threads, making it a tough, crisp fabric with a silky glossy surface.

Poplin is often used in items such as men’s and women’s shirts, women’s dresses, sportswear, and raincoats.

The word “poplin” is derived from the French word “papering” and is a variation of the word “pipeline”, an outdated fabric with a similar weave.

When should I wear poplin?
Poplin is a very common staple fabric, so you can find it in a variety of clothing items that you can wear throughout the year.

Both women’s and men’s shirts are made of poplin, women’s dresses and skirts, men’s trousers and jackets.

A versatile fabric with a subtle luster that adds beauty and drape to any garment.

Panache Bespoke Plaid White Shirt

Our premium cotton broadcloth is perfect for creating more fulfilling shirts, linings, and quilting projects.

This cotton polyblend broadcloth is perfect for plump dresses and skirts, scrub uniforms, and even bedding such as bed skirts,

light window treatments, duvet covers, and tabletop decorations.

It has a full-body drape and is tightly woven. Men’s Custom Dress Shirt

Panache Bespoke’s Cotton Broaddress Shirt will keep you feeling fresh all day long.

Breathable and lightweight materials keep you cool in the summer and allow layering in the colder months.

This dress shirt is made from American Supima® cotton end-on-end broadcloth.

Panache Bespoke innovation, the button-down collar, has been the most imitated item in fashion history since its launch in 1900.

Our signature 6-Pleated Shirring® in barrel cuffs and Placket free seams is his well-made dress shirt from Panache Bespoke.

Additional features you will include.

These carry on the nearly 20-year tradition of Panache Bespoke, which sets the gold standard for men’s dress shirts.

This shirt is machine washable and easy to clean. It has been imported.

The Regent fit is a modern trim fit with a slim chest and sleeves cut into the body. Traditional, Madison, and Milan Fit are also available.

Technical mens dress shirt details of the fabric

Suggested styles.                                Semi-formal Dress shirts
Weave:                                                 Broadcloth/ Poplin
Material composition.                      Egyptian 100% cotton
Thickness:                                           Medium-light weight
Wrinkle-resistant                               4/5 Wrinkle resistant
Shrinkage.                                           Standard shrinkage rates apply

mens shirts

Wash at 40°C.

Machine washable.

Do Not Use Chemicals in the Machine.

Hang to dry on hangers.

Iron on medium heat.

Structure Of Shirt

Shirt fabrics, or “shirts” called by tailors, are offered in a variety of weaves.

Cotton is the most common fabric for dress shirts.

Most fabric names refer to a particular method of weaving it.

Not explained here.

However, keep in mind that fabric thickness and cotton quality are also relevant when determining the overall quality and function of the product.

The following are the most common fabrics used for dress shirts.

Discover why it is important to learn and identify each fabric and its properties.

Formal shirt fabric
VanHeusen Men’s Long Sleeve Men’s Custom Dress Shirt
Click on the image above to buy a Men’s Custom Dress Shirt long sleeve dress shirt.

The formal shirt is made of white cotton and boasts a rich woven texture. This is the only shirt that is suitable for black or white ties, not for others.

Cotton vs blend

In addition to pure cotton, all the above fabrics can be found in cotton/polyester blends. I will explain the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Keep in mind that there are different percentage combinations in the blend, and in some cases more than two fiber types are blended. The following information is “general”.
100% cotton shirt fabric
Pros – Breathability, excellent heat transfer, very attractive appearance, natural and other criteria for judging shirt fabrics.

Disadvantages-Prone to wrinkles, expensive, quickly loses heat, and is susceptible to mold and acid/bleach damage.

Blend shirt fabric
Pros – Wrinkle resistant, cheap, warmer than 100% cotton shirts and looks very good.

Disadvantages – Too much artificial fiber can reduce the breathability of the fabric and make it uncomfortable to wear on hot days.

It is shiny and susceptible to heat damage from ironing.

Why We made the best dress Shirts

Beautifully made shirts are difficult to make and will last a long time. Cheap mass-produced shirts can only be worn a few times and tend to be visually inferior.

Therefore, it is worth investing in high-quality clothing. Fortunately, the quality is difficult to forge and the shirt quality omissions are easy to see.

It’s best to start by knowing what to look for. Below is a list of the important parts of high-quality dress shirts.

Tailored fit

The first and most important part of a high-quality shirt is a great tailored fit.

It’s cheaper to make a big box shirt that suits everyone, but it doesn’t work.

Look for back seams and back darts to outline your back. Men’s Custom Dress Shirt

The snug-fitting shoulders and armholes use our expertise to create the perfect finish and make a big difference in how the shirt hangs on the frame.

No matter how good the stitches and fabrics are, if the shirt doesn’t fit well, you can’t enjoy it.

Mens Dress Shirts High-quality collar  Button Down shirts

The collar is made of three pieces of fabric: top collar, under the collar, and interlining between them.

Interlining is basically another layer of fabric with an equivalent fibrous composition.

The interlining gives the collar rigidity and “body”, allowing the collar to stand up with a stiff and formal look.

Collar stiffness and drape can be changed by changing the interlining. In addition, the interlining is bias-cut to improve the “roll” at the top of the collar. Men’s Custom Dress Shirt

World-class shirts do not use press-on fusing. Similarly, fine bespoke suits do not use press-on fusing. The reason for this is the life of the shirt.

No matter how good the shirt looks with a crisp melt press, if you wash it thoroughly,

the melt press adhesive will start to fail and you will see foaming. Men’s Custom Dress Shirt

This is especially noticeable on the most wearable color rolls/folds. The hard lining that does not blend into the collar has the same look.

Properly sewn onto a shirt is much more difficult and requires a highly skilled tailor. Men’s Custom Dress Shirt

Tracing And Fesuing

Fused collars are commonly used because they require hot iron and steam and require little skill.

The collar of the most expensive shirt has a beautiful “roll” at the top. Men’s Custom Dress Shirt

The top roll edge should not appear to be pressed, but it bends gently on the color stand and softens in contrast to the rigid color points.

Men’s Custom Dress Shirt
Cutaway color close-up image
Fine stitch
You can see the high-quality stitching on the outside of the shirt. The test is whether to turn the shirt inside out. It should look the same quality.

Loose threads, chain stitches, and tight stitches, with a large number of stitches per inch.

With a large number of stitches per inch, not only does the shirt last longer,

but sharp objects won’t catch or break the stitches. It also results in sharper lines and tighter seams.

The fineness of the stitch at the distance from the edge of the seam is also a consideration.

1/16 inch stitching away from the seams is standard for high-quality shirts, with no missing stitches or wobbling lines.

Today’s tailors have sewing machine guides that can sew with very fine tolerances.

But this level of quality is no longer saw as they need to sew faster and faster for mass production. Close up on shirt stitching details.

Flat felt seam

Many shirts today skip this important factor. Not all seams make the same, and for fine men’s shirts, flat seams are a sign of quality.

Flat cut seams have raw edges of the fabric inside the seams.

From both the inside and outside of the garment, the appearance is clean and sophisticated.

To sew this seam, you need three passes at the seam and a great deal of tailoring talent.

The three stitches and the hidden seam allowance create a very durable seam.

Shortcuts use on many shirts today due to the extra work involved in creating this seam.

Plain overlock stitches are very common today. This leaves an unpleasant seam allowance on the skin and can make the seams much weaker.

Also very common are flat seams makes of chain stitch. There are machines that create this seam in fewer steps with less human intervention.

This is a plus for factories that are disadvantageous to customers.

Chain stitch is much rougher on the inside of the garment than single-needle lockstitch. Flat felling seam close-up image.

Premium cotton fabric.

It covers extensively in other posts, so don’t get catch up in this subject.

The main thing to understand is the fineness of the threads stitches into a fairly thick fabric.

Cheap shirts tend to have a thin fabric made of junky thick rough cotton.

Fabric is the most expensive component of shirts and the easiest way for manufacturers to save money, so it is the most sacrificial.

Try to strike a good balance between fine weaves and medium thickness fabrics to reduce wrinkles and garment life.

Also, for many years we were purists away from elastic fabrics. Men’s Custom Dress Shirt

But frankly, 2% of spandex makes a really comfortable shirt. Cotton fabric close-up. Men’s Custom Dress Shirt

Mother of pearl button

Buttons are an easy way to understand the quality of your shirt. Shirtmakers don’t just put cheap buttons on expensive shirts or expensive buttons on cheap quality shirts.

Plastic buttons are functional and durable, but add a little to the look and can melt into the hot iron.

They are the most used buttons on the market and are only part of the cost of better alternatives.

The best option is the mother-of-pearl button. The buttons are natural, beautiful, heat resistant, and very nice to the touch.

The natural luster and unique look of the individual buttons provide an unusual look that cannot be duplicated.

There are many types of natural shells that can be button-down, each with its own special look

. Please note that if the mother-of-pearl button is too thin, it will break easily. Some other options.

Consider horn buttons, wood, coconut, and metal. Everything has its own care requirements and looks in both natural and fake versions.

Beautifully finished buttonhole

The buttonholes should be sewing with a sewing machine so that they look clean and even.

The more stitches there are, the more stitches need to surround the cut slits and give extra strength where they are prone to fraying.

Do not leave loose threads with the clip removed. The slit is sizing according to the button. Beautifully finish buttonholes in the men’s shirt images.

Hand-sewn cuffs

As with the collar, the application and attention to the sewing details of the cuffs will make the shirt better.

The interlining cuff is sewing in very quickly on a machine that can perform all operations in one pass. Those cuffs are acceptable for a good shirt.

If you want a great shirt, you need to apply hand-sewn to the bias-cut lining.

Interlining adds the stiffness and construction needed for a shirt while maintaining its softness and suppleness.

A proper tailor needs to control the three layers of fabric that make up the hand-sewn cuffs.

To create the shape of the barrel, each layer should be slightly smaller than the layers above it. Barrel cuff image.

Pattern matching

Did you notice the pocket in this image? Tip: Look for stitches. Pattern matching is an overlooked part of a high-quality shirt if done correctly.

You shouldn’t even notice it’s happening.

Men's Custom Dress Shirt
Men’s Custom Dress Shirt

What I noticed is a pattern that doesn’t match well or doesn’t match at all. There are different levels of pattern matching to watch out for.

Plaids can be infamously stiff, as they need to be consistent and balanced throughout the garment. Men’s Custom Dress Shirt

Most manufacturers place their pockets diagonally so that they don’t have to match the pattern.

If you have two pockets, do not cut the pattern as a mirror image or from another part of the fabric. Men’s Custom Dress Shirt

You can save costs. Also, note that the pattern is the same at both collar points and matches the placket.

For two pieces, the stripes must match on the back yoke. Men’s Custom Dress Shirt

Experienced Tailors

Also, keep in mind that most prints used are directional. For example, the pattern has a palm tree, is it pointing in the right direction?

To keep things simple, most manufacturers create “toss” prints with the elements facing in both directions, so there is no top or bottom. Men’s Custom Dress Shirt

High-quality shirts tend not to adopt these cost savings options. The biggest consideration for pattern matching is the waste of fabric.

It is much more efficient to cut the shirt from any part of the fabric. Men’s Custom Dress Shirt

On the other hand, arranging patterns in a way that aligns the elements of the entire shirt requires a very skilled cutter and tailor.

Men’s Custom Dress Shirt | Fashion Double Collar with Cuff Button Shirt. Men’s Custom Dress Shirt

Single needle stitching throughout

There are two main types of sewing machines use on garments to sew seams and those that reinforce top stitches.

Single-needle lockstitch and single-needle chain stitch. Men’s Custom Dress Shirt

The difference is that lockstitch uses a loop of thread on the top and bottom (lower) of the fabric to lock the seam.

The advantage of chain stitch is that it is a very strong seam, so it is the most common seam in jeans.

Also, the chain stitch on the backside is a loop, so it is a little elastic. Men’s Custom Dress Shirt

Also, because there is no bobbin thread, the seams are much faster.

This means that the operator can sew as fast as he wants and not have to worry about running out of bobbin thread. Men’s Custom Dress Shirt

The drawback of chain stitch is the roughness of the back seam due to the chain loop.

Also, if it begins to fray or is scratch, the entire seam may unravel because there is only one thread and the second thread is not fixed. ..

For the best and most comfortable stitching of a great shirt, you should find a single needle lockstitch.

High-quality men’s shirt armhole single needle stitch. Men’s Custom Dress Shirt

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