Panache Bespoke Men’s Suits, our mission is to give you the best look and feel.

We bring Old World tailoring, making it easy and affordable to experience your perfect fit. Men’s suits and clothes online from the comfort of your home.

Made from fine wool by traditional Italian and British mills. It proudly tailors in the USA, Europe, and Asia. Order online and get men’s suits directly from the production line.

Made to order with canvas construction, European style. And meticulous attention to detail.

We use the best Italian wool mill fabrics, manufacturers.

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Vitale Barberis Canonico

Since 1663, the Barberis Kanoniko family has been a textile weaver and merchant for generations.

Vitale Barberis Canonico is now one of the best factories in the world. It has unparalleled, traditions, and unique fabric designs.

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The history of Leda begins in 1865 and is weaved with the history of the Bot Para family.

Who has led the company in the production of excellent merino wool textiles since 1919!

mens suits

It all started in 1973. When the founders of the Drago family founded a historic spinning company. This is a true reference point for Biella’s major wool mills.

Over the years. The company has gained a large share of the market as a leader in this field. It has been developing an efficient international sales network around the world since 1980.

At the same time. It joined his sons Paolo and Daniela and contributed nicely to the expansion of the group. Through targeted research and original ideas.

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