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Panache Bespoke shirts leading the world in custom shirts. We provide 100% luxurious cotton in reasonable price. Cutting by hand, single needle stitch, 20stitches per inch.
Our shirts make you look better.
You create the shirt that fits you perfectly. You choose the fabrics that match your skin tone. You design the shirt that complements your features.Our goal is to give each customer the chance and the choice to wear affordable, high quality custom clothing. We work closely with our fabric suppliers to provide the best fabric selections. We continuously train our in-house tailors to deliver well-constructed shirts ALL AROUND THE WORLD. We use technology that allows each customer to easily create and replicate designs online.Panache Bespoke Tailor gives you a refreshingly delightful tailoring experience. You’ll never look and feel as good with any other shirt.

Our dress shirts and sport shirts are made using the best Egyptian, marine, Italian and English cotton in the tradition of Turnbull and Asser, Charvet and Borrelli. We use a multitude of styles and patterns, including 2-ply tablecloths, light Italian twills and fine brocade cottons.

We are an advanced professional sewing factory, offering factory prices directly to our customers. We have been in the apparel industry for three decades and are proud to be able to offer the best prices available on the internet. We have the best manufacturing team, a highly qualified support team (responsible for everything, web development for process optimization), and most importantly, we operate our own production unit.

The custom shirt vendor in 2001 started with a custom production capacity of 8,000 shirts per month. In 12 years, we have delivered more than millions shirts tailored to different customers. Appropriate customers have a large, custom-made, long-sleeved shirt with a sporty body, trousers and waist sizes of 90 “, small sizes and those with a sturdy body.

Over time, we have developed the system to respond to customers. The confirmation and suggestion of our system are out of the world. There defects in the measurement of diagnosis, shows how to correct them and create models that cut the agreement of the shirt. Even after all the precise calculations, our tailor examines the instructions in the comments and emails to check if it is necessary to configure it. Once approved, the shirt style is adjusted with the hand.

Our dress shirt manufacturing facilities are in South Asia. We have been making bespoke clothing for other retailers in the United States,UK,Taiwan, Nairobi and many other for several years. Now, by eliminating all the middlemen, we are determined to bring the delicacy of custom clothing to the general public at extremely affordable prices.

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