Pin collar shirt

Pin Collar Shirt

For something completely different now and something I’ve never worn. Pin collar shirt. You won’t see these shirts every day, so please forgive them if you’re new to them. As the name implies, it’s a shirt with a steel pin on the front of the collar.

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A casual cutaway navy polka dot shirt with a pin collar shirt. See below.

Pin collar shirt
White Broadcloth Pin Collar Shirt

When asked by Carl Thomson, the founder of the imaginative title label Pin Collar Shirt, to give it a try, I thought. I am always happy to try new things.

The shirt modeled here is a casual cutaway shirt with navy polka dots. It has a slim fit and is 100% cotton.

Mens Dress Shirts

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Another view of the pin collar shirt.

Pin Collar Dress shirts

Men’s Dress Shirt can be worn with or without a tie. I tried a tie while wearing this particular shirt, but it didn’t work because of the cutaway collar (to be fair, it’s described as a “casual” item). However, something in the formal range of pin collar shirts goes very well with ties, especially when combined with thin ones.

pin collar shirt
pin collar mens dress shirts

The Pin Collar Shirts label is very young and has just celebrated its first birthday. A quick look at its website will reveal Carl wearing all manner of his shirts. It’s clear he’s a very big fan (you’d hope so wouldn’t you?).

Despite its age, the product range is vast. There’s the casual range, formal range, women’s ranges, and even an array of accessories which includes pins with Swarovski crystals.

Having worn a pin collar shirt, what do I think? I think this is a statement item. People are going to notice if you wear one of these shirts. Personally, I think I’d go with a tie but whatever you choose, you will stand out.

Pin Color Shirt Dress Shirts Men’s shirts are suitable not only for offices but also for awards and business dinners. Made of delicately textured cotton, it has a double lapel and colored bars, pushing the tie forward for a more elegant look.

An elegant shirt for men with many customization options. A dress shirt with holes in the Italian collar for the color bar.

Royal oxford Pin Collar Shirt

Royal Oxford shirt pin collar. This shirt is made of Oxford fabric and has a soft collar. It is one of the most versatile styles. With a timeless design, you can wear everything from swimsuit pants to unlined suits with a modern office look.

Oxford fabric is very durable, but its texture is exquisite and is soft. -Classic Oxford fabric – A must for a soft and extremely personalized colored wardrobe.

Finished with an innovative treatment without formaldehyde, it keeps your skin comfortable and resistant to wrinkles throughout the day.

Easy to clean. Use directly from the washer and dryer or press quickly for an incredibly clean and professional look.

Royal Oxford is a finer weave than thick Oxford fabrics. That means it works under a suit and tie, but it looks better if you roll up your sleeves after work. It’s a little bit more elegant than twill, wide and precise, and I love using it smoothly while looking very luxurious.

Best Fabric for Pin Collar Shirt.

Royal Oxford Fabric.

The white Royal Oxford is a timeless social shirt style and the Supima premium cotton fabric is the perfect version for uncomplicated care. The texture of Royal Oxford gives a shine to this shirt, mainly a shade of white.

The durable 2Ply construction of the 1980s offers a comfortable average weight throughout the four seasons.

It maintains breathability while having enough body to cover it firmly. Supima Premium American Cotton only improves feel and performance. Adds great softness and strength.

With the possible exception of the flap collar, the pin collar may be the rarest of the classic men’s collar styles today. Although occasional spurts in popularity have prevented it from disappearing altogether, it was never really a piece that was part of the mainstream style lexicon, even among the most clothing-inclined crowds.

That said, it’s a look that certainly doesn’t lack in style and charm, which is worth knowing, regardless of whether you wear one yourself.


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