Green Stripes Dress shirts | Green Stripes with White...


Green Stripes Dress shirts | Green Stripes with White...

Green Stripes Dress shirts

Green Stripes Dress shirts | Green Stripes with White...


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  • Mens Dress Shirts Detail
  • Green Stripes Dress shirts

  • Collar shape: English Spread collar with 3″ width and collar stay is a very correct form of the collar that should always be worn with a tie.
    Smooth placket.
    either without a breast pocket or a breast pocket with a straight cover.
    One button angle cuff and back smooth.
    Note: We offer custom made if our size chart is not suitable for your body. No extra charges for custom made shirts. Select choose an option and go to Body or Shirt Measurement and add your size.
    If you need initial write in order description(initial words likeroyal oxford mens shirts maximum 5 words)initial color and position without extra charges.
  • Green Stripes Dress Shirts
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Green Stripes Dress shirts | Green Stripes with White Collar and cuff Mens Dress shirts

Green Stripes Dress shirts. Panache Bespoke is a beautiful crisp shirt from 1 Like No Other, a brand that prides itself on individuality and creativity.

This men’s made-to-measure shirt in luxurious Green Stripes Dress shirts is a must-have. Mens Dress shirts

This gorgeous piece has a colorful stripe design and a beautiful white collar design on the inside of the shirt. The buttons also make this piece stand out. Luxurious Green stripes Men’s Made to Measure Shirt.

This is an innovative design that adds a modern and quirky edge to a classic shirt. Perfect for those occasions when you want to make more of a statement, it is made of 100 % of cotton.

Woven in two-ply in the ’80s, this fabric has a weighty feel similar to classic heavy poplin, but with a matte finish.

Durable, incredibly soft, and incredibly resilient, Green Stripes Dress shirts | Green Stripes with White Collar and cuff Mens Dress shirts.

American-grown Pima cotton is ideal for poplin/broadcloth shirts, and its look and feel will only improve with washing and wear.

This playful red and white stripe is a great way to get some color into your wardrobe without going too bold.

Wear it untucked with jeans and sneakers, or with chinos and loafers, and it will shine no matter how you style it. Luxury Green Stripes Dress shirts Men’s Made to Measure Shirt.

Poplin and broadcloth, typical summer fabrics, are tightly woven with a textured, low underlay pattern that gives them a lightweight, translucent feel. 

This is one of only 10 shirts available. The fit is typically slim through the chest, hips, and waist.

Panache Bespoke “Formal” shirt series are designed and manufactured to look very professional in the workplace.

The shirts are cut slightly longer so that they fit snugly over suit pants.

The lining of the Business 180 collar is medium soft and provides high quality and comfortable fit around the neck while maintaining some rigidity.

White-Collar Cuff Men Shirt

Our non-ferrous metal dress shirts are made of pure American Supima cotton broadcloth and finished with a contrasting Ainslie collar for a professional look.

Specially treated to resist wrinkling, the shirred angled cuffs and single-needle tailoring reinforce Panache Bespoke’s commitment to well-made dress shirts.

Features include a center back pleat. It continues the nearly 20-year tradition of Panache Bespoke, which has set the gold standard for men’s dress shirts. 

Machine washable. With silk knot. Imported. Regent fit is a modern trim fit with a slim bust and cut-in sleeves. Traditional, Madison, and Milan fits are also available.

Pima cotton?

Egyptian cotton or Pima cotton is a term used to describe the length of cotton fibers and is classified as “extra-long cotton”. The long silky fibers are incredibly strong and luxuriously soft.

They are resistant to fraying, tearing, pilling, wrinkling, and fading. However, Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton share the same scientific name (Gossypium barbadense) and have similar luxurious properties.

However, the difference between the two lies in their origin. Pima cotton is mainly grown in the United States, while Egyptian cotton is better suited to the hot and dry climate of the Nile Valley.

Fabric Details

Suggested style Semi-formal dress shirt
Weave: Broadcloth/Poplin
Material Composition. 100% Pima cotton
Thickness. Medium-light weight
Wrinkle-resistant 4/5 Wrinkle resistant
Shrinkage. Standard shrinkage rates apply.

Wash at 40°C (104°F).

Machine washable.

Do not use machine or chemical mix colors

Hang on a hanger to dry.

Iron on medium heat.

Green Stripes Dress shirts | Green Stripes with White Collar and cuff Mens Dress shirts



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