Men dress shirt...


Men dress shirt...

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Men dress shirt...

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$125.00 $74.95

  • Mens Dress Shirts Detail
  • Men dress shirt

  • Collar shape: Pin collar with 3″ width pin collar shirt
    Regular placket.
    either without a breast pocket or a breast pocket with a straight cover.
    French squar cuff and back smooth.
    Note: We offer custom-made if our size chart is not suitable for your body. No extra charges for custom-made shirts. Select choose an option and go to Body or Shirt Measurement and add your size.
    If you need an initial write in order description(initial words like royal oxford mens shirts maximum 5 words)initial color and position without extra charges.
  • Men dress shirt | Pin Collar shirt | Bespoke shirts
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Men dress shirt | Pin Collar shirt | Bespoke shirts

Men dress shirt | Pin Collar shirt | Bespoke shirts  The Panache Bespoke collection includes high-quality Royal Oxford shirts made from the famous Thomas Mason® fabric. Royal Oxford shirt fabric is a basket weave similar to Oxford fabric, but the warp and weft yarns of Royal Oxford fabric use very fine yarns, which gives this fabric a smoother and smoother feel. Collar pin shirt
The Panache Bespoke Royal Oxford shirt uses a tighter weave, giving the fabric a luxurious appearance and unique texture. This fabric also makes the shirt look refreshing and does not wrinkle easily.

Men dress shirt | Pin Collar shirt | Bespoke shirts

Royal Oxford shirts feature thick collars, full sleeves, and French cuffs, and offer close-fitting, classic tailoring and free order options. This shirt is stylish and versatile, and can also be worn off-road. As for business.
It’s like at night. We provide free hand-made initials in three or four words.
Royal Oxford is a beautiful and eye-catching shirt fabric. It has a complex woven structure, giving it a unique and expressive texture. It is usually very light.
Royal Oxford fabric is known for its softness. Something on the fabric swells the thread a bit, which is pleasant and pleasant. Do not confuse Royal Oxford cloth with ordinary Oxford cloth or pointed Oxford cloth. They are completely different. Ordinary Oxford cloth is a heavier, rougher, and more casual fabric.

Men dress shirt | Pin Collar shirt | Bespoke shirts

The business and formal appearance are also suitable for everyday life. However, Royal Oxford, especially white, is best suited for more formal occasions, whether it is a suit or a tuxedo. Since Royal Oxford fabric looks very fashionable, we especially recommend it for French cuff shirts and wide-collar shirts. Wear a fitted formal shirt and navy blue suit for a stylish look.

Thomas Mason’s Journey uses an innovative anti-wrinkle formula. It is a luxurious 100% cotton fabric that is wrinkle-free, easy to wash, and looks clean all day long. From meetings to business trips, Journey bikes and scooters are the best choices. The ideal fabric for men on the go.

Technical Details:

Weave                            Royal Oxford
Composition                 100% Cotton
Thread Count               100s 2-ply
Weight                           Medium Lightweight

Opacity Rating             4 / 5 · Very Opaque i
Wrinkle Resistance     4 / 5 · Slightly Wrinkle-Resistant

Men dress shirt | Pin Collar shirt | Bespoke shirts 1

The pin collar. Men dress shirt | Pin Collar shirt | Bespoke shirts

The space between the leaves or tips between different collars is small and easy to use with pins, clips, or rods. These accessories can increase the tie while closing the space between the tips of the neck.

Men dress shirt | Pin Collar shirt | Bespoke shirts


There are special holes in the blade of the collar, and you can use a collar pin that looks like a large safety pin or a collar pin that looks like a pin with one end unscrewed. These special hair clips were ordered by Panache.

Serrated collars, because the needles or pins bring the collar blades closer together, the extension of this collar will never be universal. You can also use the collar clip to create the look of a real pin collar, and you can wear a pointed or striped collar without drilling.

Like cufflinks, the neck pin is a “masculine decoration” that can show your personal style. Because they were particularly popular in the first half of the 20th century, they added a retro look and attracted people’s attention. Fort Belvedere invites you to try these silver and gold accessories.

Men dress shirt | Pin Collar shirt | Bespoke shirts


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