Which dress is best for your body type?

Which dress is best for your body type?

Which dress is best for your body type? The most effective method to Dress For Your Body Type | Men’s Style In Relation To Body Shape | Dressing More Attractive. Mens Dress Shirts | Mens Suits | Dress Pants

Which dress is best for your body type?

Which dress is best for your body type? What are the quick quizzes, gentlemen, and the most attractive figure? Body number one, triangle. Body number 2, inverted triangle. Body number 3, rectangle. Body number 4, oval. Body number 5, trapezoid. Well, I’ll reveal the answer here in the next few minutes, but whatever the answer, you have a particular figure today and you have to dress it. Which dress is best for your body type?

Well, gentleman, that’s all about this video and how to get the best outfit for your particular body shape. Now, before we get into how to dress each of the five gentlemen’s body shapes, I’d like to lay out three basic rules. Rule number one, the outfit for the body you have today. So it could be great in 2 months or 1 year when you can lose all the weight you want to lose or perhaps gain that muscle and get the ideal body at that time. Mens Dress Shirts | Mens Suits | Dress Pants

Which dress is best for your body type?
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Which dress is best for your body type?

But you can’t walk around naked now, gentleman, you have to dress for the body you have. So that big event you’re coming to, the date you want to enter, that interview that you still have to dress for the body you have. This is a great segue for my sponsor Anson Belt. So, besides compatibility, I talked about one of my favorite things about Anson and how the buckles and all the belts are interchangeable.

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There’s three buckles, three belts, nine options, and that’s what I like. If I gain or lose weight, I can adjust it within a quarter of an inch, and by the way, I can cut this off here, so if I lose a couple of pounds, I don’t have to buy a new belt, I can cut this off and it’ll still fit perfectly. If I gain weight, it’ll be a little more difficult, but you can do it. You can do it. I do this with my parents and kids. Which dress is best for your body type?

I’ll link you to the instructions. If you send me an email, I’m sure I can get you a deal on the straps just because Antonio sent them to me. If you’re looking for a great gift this Christmas season, take a look at all these options and throw in some different buckles that, you know, you can put together some pretty cool combinations. They’re a good company, they’re based in the US…

They make a father-son combo, go check it out. Now let’s get to the second point. Basic point number two is – your body type determines the type of clothes you wear. Don’t follow trends. A while ago, skinny tights, skinny lapels, and basically skinny suits were all the rage.

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If you’re a triangle person or even an oval person, it just makes you look like a clown. Even if it looks somewhat good on you, it doesn’t suit your body type. Proportions are the key here. Understand that your body type has items that are appropriate for you. The third fundamental is to seek the norm. Which dress is best for your body type?

When it comes to clothing, no matter what your body type is, you basically want to make sure that you are balanced and that you are close to the social norm. Going back to the question at the beginning, the answer is what body type is most attractive? Well, that depends on where you live and what is the standard body type.

It depends on your Indian body type, your German body type, your Italian body type, your American body type, your Mexican body type, etc. Here in the US, people will be more muscular. Mens Dress Shirts | Mens Suits | Dress Pants

A lot of guys use that as a pedestal to go to the gym. India, they’re going to be a little thinner. Japan, they’re going to be a little thinner, so they might be rectangular over there. In America, they’re going to be more than trapezoidal. The interesting thing is that the more common obesity becomes, the more attractive it will actually be seen as.

The point is, anytime you’re really building yourself up you don’t want to, if you’re a bodybuilder, wear a jacket with lots of shoulder pads. It basically makes you look like a cartoon, and that’s not what we’re looking for. What we are looking for is to get closer to the social norm. The first body type I will talk about is the triangle body type. This can happen early in life, or later in life.

It can happen with weight gain, but basically, the hips and stomach area start to widen. The shoulders are naturally sloping or simply not taking care of the area, they start to slope and become slightly hunched. This is where you need to build up your shoulders. If you can build up the shoulders, all of a sudden this body shape becomes square, and a square is more masculine than a triangle. The problem with triangles again comes back to the issue of shoulders.

If you have weak shoulders, you are seen as less masculine, so why not wear a sports jacket, a jacket, a casual suit, a blazer, a denim jacket, or a leather jacket? Always thinking about how to build this area in a way that makes sense to me, I could work a casual button-up shirt that has epaulets that could work, a double pocket that has a bit of an embroidery design. So the chest area, the shoulder area, you want to add a little weight to it, even a sweater can come into this and help with this. For the hips area, don’t wear anything baggy. So you will want to wear something close to this area. Mens Dress Shirts | Mens Suits | Dress Pants

You also are going to want to make sure the proportion of your shoes. You don’t want to go with anything super large. Everything down here is as large as you want it to be, so you want to wear possibly more delicate dress shoes, things that aren’t going to look smaller even though maybe you’ve got size 12 feet. The next body type I want to talk about is the inverted triangle. Which dress is best for your body type?

This is the bodybuilder, this is the guy that spends time in the gym and has really built up his upper body. Now, the problem with this, many people are going to say, well, I would love that body and love his problems. Well, try going to a tailor, I can tell you this is one of the most difficult bodies to tailor clothing to, and a lot of the stuff he puts on, actually makes his upper body look even bigger and his lower body, therefore, becomes disproportional and this is what we want to avoid.

So, the guy with this build wants to build up his lower body. He’s going to do this by focusing on shoes that make his feet look a little bit bigger. So, he wants to look at boots, he wants to look at maybe textured shoes or suede. He wants to look at contrast, so something maybe that’s got a contrasting leather to it, something that draws a little bit more attention to his footwear. Okay.

Then, we’re moving up here, lets look at jeans. Avoid skinny jeans, maybe go for a straight cut. You don’t need to go for a loose cut, but you want to give something that gives a little bit of extra weight in here. When you’re looking at suits, make sure you avoid jackets that have a lot of padding. Search out jackets especially, you know, there are certain ones that may be coming out of Italy or that you can get custom-made which are going to have no padding in here.

Which dress is best for your body type?

The idea is you’ve already got everything you need up here and you want to come off as simply a guy that looks like he’s in shape, not a guy that, you know, comes off as this disproportionate, it looks like he’s going to fall over, you know, just because he has no weight down here in the lower body. So, again, we’re trying to avoid the cartoonish look by making your proportions in your lower body more balanced. Now, the next body type is the rectangle body type.

For many guys, this is going to be a great body type to have, but if it starts to be an extreme rectangle where it’s a thin lanky individual, it becomes a lot more difficult. So, this is where you want to add texture. Now, if you’ve got a normal build, I’mrelatively 5’9″. What? 170, 165 lbs, I can tell you clothing is relatively easy to find for me. But, if I was 6’3″, 180 lbs, I would, you know, have that much leaner profile and it becomes much harder to find clothing.

He doesn’t want to be wearing really thin clothing that makes him look extremely thin and like he’s malnourished here. Simplyhe’s looking for things that are going to add some weight and add some texture. So, for him, unlike many of the other body types, he wants to break up that line, so he doesn’t want to necessarily go for monochromatic looks. He wants to go for an odd jacket with an odd pair of trousers and what do I mean by that? I mean they’re not made from the same fabric. Which dress is best for your body type?

Which dress is best for your body type?

You can go in jeans or a sports jacket. It looks good on many men. If you’re going to wear a shirt, choose one that has a little more body to it. Something with double pockets or a contrasting top and bottom. It’s okay to focus a little bit on his midsection because he’s so thin, it’s actually going to make him not look so thin, he’s going to keep his eyes right in the middle. The point is to try to balance him out and make him a little wider and closer to a normal body type.

The next body type is the oval body type. It’s all about stretching the oval and adding some edge, and let’s talk about each of those. Elongating the oval means making you look taller and thinner, which can be done with a monochromatic look. The natural monochromatic look of a suit is a jacket and pants of the same fabric that moves the eye up and down. A large man will almost always look great wearing this. Now, what you want to avoid is clothed with strong contrasts. Which dress is best for your body type?

Light-colored shirts and dark-colored pants, that’s a no-no. When we’re talking about the edges, we’re talking about the top of the jacket, we’re talking about the shoes that draw attention to themselves, the top and the bottom, the jacket here, the shoulders at …… You can draw a line here, and that’s a good thing. You don’t want to get soft around the shoulders. Which dress is best for your body type?

Now, let’s look at the shoes. So you can wear a great pair of boots, not only does this give you a bit of height, but they can draw our attention. So you can wear one with brogues, one with contrasting leather, one with suede inits, one with style. The next body type is the trapezoidal body type. This is one of the easiest body types to wear, unless you are extremely tall, extremely short, or have a nearly inverted triangle shape. However, this person will generally find that many of the clothes he is going to try on will fit him quite well.

The problem is that he will not adjust them to fit him. He tries things on off the rack and he’s like, oh this is pretty good. I’m going to wear it just the way it is, which makes him lazy. People with this body type need to take everything to a tailor and have it adjusted to perfection. There is no excuse here, this is one of the easiest body types to dress and I see so many people who are still ruining it because they are wearing clothes that don’t fit them. They don’t really go there but follow my simple style pyramid focus on fit, focus on function, focus on fabric, basically what message you want to send. Buy the best you can afford.

Folks, if you want to know more, check out the support article. The supporting articles go into much more detail about each body type than I have in this video. And please let me know in the comments below what you added, what I missed, what body type you have, and what your tips and tricks for dressing for that body type are. Last but not least, gents check out Anson’s belt and buckle. Which dress is best for your body type?

You can use the buckles here to mix and match different straps. This is great for people who are losing weight because they don’t have to buy a new belt. I love it because it can fit pretty much any man out there, a lot of everyone types, great father and son business here in the US. That’s all, take care and I’ll see you in the next post. Which dress is best for your body type?

Which dress is best for your body type? Which dress is best for your body type? Which dress is best for your body type? Which dress is best for your body type? Which dress is best for your body type? Which dress is best for your body type? Which dress is best for your body type? Which dress is best for your body type? Which dress is best for your body type? Which dress is best for your body type? Which dress is best for your body type?

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