Linen Suit Mens | Navy Linen Suit | Linen Wedding Suits


Linen Suit Mens | Navy Linen Suit | Linen Wedding Suits

Linen Suit Mens

Linen Suit Mens | Navy Linen Suit | Linen Wedding Suits

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$480.00 $299.99

Linen Suit Mens | Navy Linen Suit | Linen Wedding Suits

  •  Navy Business Mens Suit
  • Style                 
  • Two Button Notch Lapel
  • Construction                  
  • Half-Canvassed, Soft Shoulder
  • Interior
    Rear Vent Style
    Side Vents
    Interior Pocket Style
    Standard Interior Pockets
    Self Fabric

Linen Suit Mens | Navy Linen Suit | Linen Wedding Suits

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Linen Suit Mens | Navy Linen Suit | Linen Wedding Suits

Linen Suit Mens | Navy Linen Suit | Linen Wedding Suits. This lightweight navy jacket is ideal for decent summer days. made up of 100% Irish linen woven at the renowned Baird McNutt mill in Northern Ireland.

This suit has the breathability and drape of linen with the luxurious texture of silk. This saturated dark blue features a beautiful, subtle sheen thereto.  linen suit

Linen Suit Mens

Panache Bespoke 1982 offers a jacket in pure linen. This jacket comes during a mixable shade of indigo and is finished during a tailored fit with sharp, moderately generous lines.

The result? The result’s a glance that’s confident and defined. This season, a linen two-piece paired with an easy white T-shirt and tan loafers is that the thanks to going.

Technical Details
Baird McNutt White Irish Linen
Fabric Mill
Baird McNutt
100% Linen
Opacity Rating
2 / 5 · Slightly Transparent
Wrinkle Resistance
1 / 5 · Very Wrinkle-Prone
United Kingdom
Dry Clean Only

Baird McNut factory in Northern Ireland

What is linen fabric?

Linen is one of the foremost widely used fabrics and is harvested directly from the flax plant. Known for its strength, durability, and water absorbency, linen is usually used as a bedding fabric. the rationale for this is often that it’s soft, comfortable, and dries much faster than cotton, making it a perfect fabric for people that sweat once they sleep.

Linen may be a fabric made up of very fine fibers from a plant called flax. These fibers are carefully extracted and made into yarn, which is then woven into an extended sheet of linen fabric.

How to wear a linen suit.

The fabrics that you simply pile into your regular wardrobe when the temperature rises should be breathable and cozy. It goes without saying that natural fibers are the thanks to entering weather. Linen fabric is what immediately involves the mind once you hear the word “breathable”. It seems that everybody chooses this fabric when choosing summer tailoring. Linen Suit Mens | Navy Linen Suit | Linen Wedding Suits

Linen is one of the oldest fabrics and was favored within the ancient world for its unique coolness. However, unlike within the past, this fabric is more sophisticated and comes with a sort of color options. Linen has a clear texture and holds dyes in a unique way, giving this fabric a robust personality.

Linen Suit Mens | Navy Linen Suit | Linen Wedding Suits.

  1. Characteristics of Linen for Summer
  2. Why choose a linen suit if you do not mind wrinkling?
  3. Why you should not worry about wrinkling
  4. How to prevent linen suits from wrinkling excessively (attempt)
  5. When to Wear a Linen Suit
  6. Linen Suits for Weddings
  7. Which one to settle on
  8. What to Wear
  9. What shoes?
  10. Advice
  11. Linen Formal suit
  12. Which one to settle on
  13. What to wear with
  14. Shoes
  15. Advice
  16. Linen suits for leisure
  17. Which to settle on
  18. What to wear
  19. Shoes
  20. Advice
  21. Linen suits for vacation
  22. What to settle on
  23. What to wear
  24. Shoes
  25. Advice
  26. Best items for summer
  27. Linen, a 100% natural fiber

High-quality linen is durable, strong, and cozy, making this material’s properties the star of the summer. The fibers don’t stretch, are immune to damage from friction and washing, and don’t fade. Linen Suit Mens | Navy Linen Suit |

Linen Suit Mens

Linen Wedding Suits

Linen absorbs moisture well and releases it quickly, and dries quickly so it doesn’t stick with the body. Air can easily undergo the linen fibers, allowing the skin to breathe easily. Linen Suit Mens | Navy Linen Suit | Linen Wedding Suits

Why choose a linen suit (because it doesn’t wrinkle)?

In the summer, most men’s suits become too hot to wear thanks to the fibers and weight. this is often where linen suits inherit play for all occasions. they will save your summer wardrobe and keep you cool throughout the season.

Why you do not care if it wrinkles

However, linen likes to wrinkle and crumble quite the other fabric. As a natural material, linen is at its prettiest when it’s beautifully wrinkled. If you wear it within the morning, well-ironed, it’ll look formal and complicated, but a touch stiff. As you set about your day, you’ll see some wrinkles in your clothes, especially if you’re traveling.

This characteristic is quite favorable therein it can create a relaxed atmosphere. Linen looks very luxurious with just a touch of a worn and lived-in look. nobody will notice the wrinkles when it’s 100 degrees outside, but everyone will notice how you do not care about the warmth in your linen suit.

How to Prevent Excessive Wrinkles in Linen Suits (Devices)

If you would like to visibly reduce wrinkles, there are two solutions: first, always hang your jacket once you aren’t wearing it, and second, choose a linen blend fabric. Good linen can handle everything from business trips to summer weddings easily. Here are some tips to assist you are doing just that.

When to Wear a Linen Suit

Linen Suit for marriage For weddings, it’s best to wear a tailored style counting on the season and time of day. If you are a groom planning a marriage on a sunny beach or outdoors during a rustic setting and need to stay it less formal, a linen suit is often your savior. As explained earlier, the properties of linen cause you to feel in the middle of the action while still looking cool and cozy.
A tailored linen suit with custom-made details may be a great choice for a summer wedding.

Which to settle on.

Choose from colors like tan, dark beige, tobacco, or cream/off-white, which are perfect for a relaxed summer outdoor or indoor wedding. Linen suits are usually worn as two-piece suits for more relaxed beach-type wedding attire, especially if you’re attending as a guest.

However, a well-tailored business suit can assist you to look smart within the heat. For the groom, a business suit for marriage within the country and a vest of an equivalent color can make him look smart and relaxed without compromising the formality of the marriage.

 Navy Linen Suit | Linen Wedding Suits | Linen Suit Mens

If your wedding is going to be held during a formal place within the summer, you’ll choose a navy or gray linen suit. We recommend one made from 100% linen or a mix of cotton or wool and linen.

Blended materials are recommended for formal ceremonies in weather, as they are doing not wrinkle as easily as 100% linen suits.
For the simplest man, it’s advisable to decorate consistently with the groom.

If the groom is wearing a three-piece linen suit, the groomsmen and groomsmen should follow equivalent rules. the color should be slightly different from the groom’s suit and will be of a lighter tone.

As for the guests attending the marriage, they will choose a linen two-piece or business suit, counting on the formality of the marriage.

A beige linen suit or sand suit will maintain formality for evening or night weddings, but brighter colors are preferred for a laid-back, be-conceptual wedding.

For daytime weddings, bright colors like beige, cream, light blue, and white are perfect.
Linen tailored suits with white nuances like cream, off-white, light beige, ice blue, sky blue, and lightweight blue match the bride’s charm and are perfect for day weddings.
What to wear
The best shirt to match with the marriage suit may be a plain white, cream, or very pale blue shirt made from linen, cotton, or a linen/cotton blend.  Navy Linen Suit | Linen Wedding Suits |linen suit mens

The tie should be of linen to match the color of the suit. For more color options, you’ll experiment with the format of the marriage. to finish the subtle wedding look, add a fresh boutonniere.


Weddings are formal occasions, so confirm your linen suit is well ironed and your boutonniere may be a fresh color that will match the color of your suit. |Navy Linen Suit | Linen Wedding Suits | Linen Suit Mens

Linen formal suit

Brown linen suits are ideal for the office. Wool or silk suits are necessary within the cold season, but within the summer season when the sun is shining, it becomes difficult to survive during a heavy suit of warm fabric. Linen is that the fabric of the summer season and is accepted in most workplaces because it’s the master of colors characteristic of the fashionable season.

It looks crisp and smart, so you’ll wear it to the office confidently with an evening shirt and tie. Since you’ll be within the office all day during working hours, the lightweight, comfortable, and moisture-wicking properties are ideal for all indoor activities, and that is not all. Linen Suit Mens | Navy Linen Suit | Linen Wedding Suits

Which to settle on.

For those that add a proper environment, a suit made from linen-blend fabric may be a good selection because it combines the simplest of both fibers. Linen-blend fabrics offer you a smoother silhouette. Linen Suit Mens | Navy Linen Suit | Linen Wedding Suits

Cotton, silk, mohair, and wool are a number of the various options for linen-blend fabrics. Linen and mohair fabrics are most recommended in office settings for businessmen who travel tons to attend important meetings. Linen Suit Mens | Navy Linen Suit | Linen Wedding Suits

To match a linen suit with a proper office setting, it’s important to settle on the proper color for a tailored suit. the foremost suitable colors are blue, dark gray, and dark brown. As for structure, you’ll expand the flexibility of your summer wardrobe by getting a single-breasted, slim, or modern-fit suit made from the best Italian fabrics.

Items to match

When wearing a blue linen suit to the office, pair it with a white cotton poplin shirt and a gray tie for a sensible and cohesive look. this mix is going to be a winner in any business meeting. A tailored linen suit in dark gray or dark brown is often worn with a daily office evening shirt. Linen Suit Mens | Navy Linen Suit | Linen Wedding Suits


For the office, it’s advisable to wear laced shoes like brogues, oxfords, or monk shoes. A blue linen suit should be paired with brown cap-toe oxford shoes or plain-toe oxford shoes. Linen Suit Mens | Navy Linen Suit | Linen Wedding Suits


When commuting to figure or business meetings, keep your suit jacket over your arm to stop your shirt or jacket from getting wet with sweat in the weather.

Linen Suit Mens

Enjoy leisure during a linen suit
A man during a linen burgundy suit.
Linen burgundy suits are ideal for summer leisure.

A durable and cozy material like linen is extremely easy to use in your leisure wardrobe. the feel of the linen lends a laid-back appeal and appears sharp for casual dinners, relaxed summer city gatherings, and date nights.

Fine linen tailored suits will are available handy for casual summer occasions. Going call at an ironed linen suit is ok, but the more worn it’s and therefore the more you embrace the wrinkles, the higher it’ll be for summer clothing.

Which to settle on

Tailoring is casual. Choose a single-breasted, unlined jacket with notch lapels and patch pockets. Contemporary linen fabrics are available a spread of fresh colors to settle on from and match well with what’s happening around town.

If you would like to seem fresh and effortless, a tailored suit in light or mid-blue shades may be a good selection. Light blue shades are trending for the past few years and became a really popular option for men’s linen suits. This suit also can be an option for casual Fridays spent at the office. Linen Suit Mens | Navy Linen Suit | Linen Wedding Suits

Items to match

Pair the linen suit with a lightweight colored cotton shirt or a crisp linen shirt for an entire linen look. If you’re linen-less, you’ll still create a relaxed, gentleman’s vibe together with your favorite pocket square. lately, there are many various sorts of pocket squares available. Try experimenting with printed ones or plain pocket squares made from linen or cotton.


For an off-the-cuff, relaxed look, choose brown penny loafers, tassel loafers, brogues, or boat shoes. Choose light colors like tan, brown, or white. Sneakers are trending, so you’ll wear your favorite sneakers together with your linen suit for a youthful look. However, please avoid bright colors.


Linen suits are often worn as separates or spezzate (Italian for broken suits) for casual outings or weekends. Try pairing your linen suit jacket with crisp chinos and your suit pants with a sport shirt. Linen Suit Mens | Navy Linen Suit | Linen Wedding Suits

Linen suit for vacation

When someone hears about vacation, the imagination goes to the Italian seacoast and islands with many sun. What better thanks to feeling that way wherever you’re, aside from wearing an Italian linen quality suit. Always choose the simplest quality linen fabric so as to avoid suffering the warmth and enjoying the holiday the foremost.

Which to settle on

The vacation gives you an excellent opportunity to choose lighter tones and completely cash in on all the relaxed characteristics of linen fabric. the selection of colors for a linen suit on a vacation could be: beige, white, off-white, light blue, dusky pink, or pale grey.

white isn’t just for celebrities within the movies like Mastroianni, except for everyone who wants to spend a vacation in comfort and elegance. The white or tinted reminder white are very easy shades to style – you’ll choose either wholly white or have another shade to interrupt up the white look and convey some contrast. Linen Suit Mens | Navy Linen Suit | Linen Wedding Suits

What to match with it

Plain white cotton or linen shirts with collars left open will keep you feeling and searching very cool, but a striped shirt in blue, pastel pink does add a touch of some vacation spirit. For night outs, pair the sunshine-colored linen suit with a pale, dark blue or a dark-colored shirt for a few contrast. Linen Suit Mens | Navy Linen Suit | Linen Wedding Suits

To complete the design of a chic vacation or simply to feature some color to your look, put a pocket square of your choice within the front pocket of the suit jacket. Linen Suit Mens | Navy Linen Suit | Linen Wedding Suits


The vacation look deserves some comfortable but trendy shoes, sneakers are an honest choice if you’ll get on your foot all day. If you’re having a more laid-back vacation pair your linen suit with a pair of excellent espadrille. except for the special events during vacation you’ll always choose brown driving mocs or light-colored boat shoes. Linen Suit Mens | Navy Linen Suit | Linen Wedding Suits

An advice

Take care of your light-colored suit, it’ll accompany you for vacations to return. you’ll always wear the suit jacket and trousers separately and pack light for the holiday, together with a suit can create tons of looks. Linen Suit Mens | Navy Linen Suit | Linen Wedding Suits


Linen Suit Mens | Navy Linen Suit | Linen Wedding Suits Linen Suit Mens | Navy Linen Suit | Linen Wedding Suits



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