Wrinkle-Resistant White Mens Shirts


Wrinkle-Resistant White Mens Shirts

Wrinkle-Resistant White Mens Shirts

Wrinkle-Resistant White Mens Shirts


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  • Wrinkle-Resistant White Mens Shirts

  • Collar shape: Medium Spread collar with 3″ width and collar stay is a very correct form of the collar that should always be worn with a tie.
    With button placket.
    either without a breast pocket or a breast pocket with a straight cover.
    One button angle cuff and back smooth.
    Note: We offer custom made if our size chart is not suitable for your body. No extra charges for custom made shirts. Select choose an option and go to Body or Shirt Measurement and add your size.
    If you need initial write in order description(initial words like royal oxford mens shirts maximum 5 words)initial color and position without extra charges.
  • Wrinkle-Resistant White Mens Shirts
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Wrinkle-Resistant White Mens Shirts

Wrinkle-Resistant White Mens Shirts. It combines tremendous Italian quality with wrinkle-resistant performance.

A luxurious textured dress shirt fabric with a little more pop than traditional broadcloth or pinpoint. Royal oxford Mens Dress shirts

This fabric is woven at the famous Thomas Mason factory in Italy, where 200 years of weaving experience have produced some of the finest dress shirt fabrics in the world.

This open oxford weave with 2Ply of 100’s has a comfortable and breathable body, a beautiful drape, and the perfect weight for four seasons of wear.

 This fabric is resistant to wrinkles even during the busiest of days. Wrinkle-Resistant White Men’s Shirts

The timeless white color with a slight sheen makes it ideal for everyday business wear as well as for dressed-up occasions.

Technical details of the fabric

Suggested styles.                           semi formal Dress shirts
Weave:                                          Royal Oxford
Material composition.                  Egyptian 100% cotton
Thickness:                                     Medium-light weight
Wrinkle-resistant                          4/5 Wrinkle resistant
Shrinkage.                                       Standard shrinkage rates apply

mens shirts

Wash at 40°C.

Machine washable.

Hang to dry on hangers.

Iron on medium heat.

Wrinkle-Resistant White Mens Shirts

Royal Oxford Fabric

Royal Oxford is a beautiful and fancy dress shirt fabric. It has a unique and prestigious texture due to its elaborate weaving process. It is typically very shiny.

Illustrious oxford texture is notable for its non-abrasiveness. Something about this weave makes the yarn puff up a bit.

Do not confuse royal oxford with regular oxford or pinpoint oxford. They are completely different. Regular oxford is a heavier, coarser, more casual looking fabric.

Pinpoint is ideal for everyday business as well as formal wear. Royal oxford, however, is particularly suitable for formal wear such as suits and tuxedos because of its white color.

Since Royal oxford texture is a particularly extravagant looking texture, we particularly suggest it for long sleeve dress shirts and medium spread collar dress shirts.

A dark navy suit with a fitted dress shirt will give you an even sharper look. Wrinkle-Resistant White Mens Shirts

The distinction between pinpoint and oxford textures

Pinpoint texture and oxford texture are made of a similar kind of yarn woven together. The distinction between the two isn’t in the weaving strategy.

However, in the thickness and weight of the yarn utilized.

When all is said in done, pinpoint has a higher string tally and a lighter, better weave than Oxford texture.

All things considered, pinpoint dress shirts are desirable over oxford fabric dress shirts in casual circumstances.

Pinpoint makes for a rich wedding dress shirt, or a business talk with a dress shirt, while Oxford material would be more qualified for easygoing or outside occasions.

Wrinkle-Resistant White Mens Shirts

Pinpoint Oxford Fabric Weave

Pinpoint Oxford utilizes a covert weave, which gives the texture a somewhat more finished look than standard broadcloth.

Here are a few instances of the weaves utilized in pinpoint oxford and oxford shirt textures.

Wrinkle-Resistant White Mens Shirts   Dress shirts

Wrinkle-Resistant White Mens Shirts

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    Kam kristya”Dallas”USA”

    Wow very beautiful white design shirts.I love it.

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