White Royal Oxford Fabric | Bespoke Men’s Dress...

White Royal Oxford Fabric | Bespoke Men’s Dress...

White Royal Oxford Fabric

White Royal Oxford Fabric | Bespoke Men’s Dress...


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White Royal Oxford Fabric | Bespoke Men’s Dress Shirt

White Royal Oxford Fabric. The Panache Bespoke collection includes high-quality Royal Oxford shirts made from the famous Thomas Mason® fabric. Royal Oxford shirt fabric is a basket weave similar to Oxford fabric, but the warp and weft yarns of Royal Oxford fabric use very fine yarns, which gives this fabric a smoother and smoother feel.

The Panache Bespoke Royal Oxford shirt uses a tighter weave, giving the fabric a luxurious appearance and unique texture. This fabric also makes the shirt look refreshing and does not wrinkle easily.
Royal Oxford is a beautiful and eye-catching shirt fabric. It has a complex woven structure, giving it a unique and expressive texture. It is usually very light.

White Royal Oxford Fabric

Royal Oxford fabric is known for its softness. Something on the fabric swells the thread a bit, which is pleasant and pleasant. Do not confuse Royal Oxford cloth with ordinary Oxford cloth or pointed Oxford cloth. They are completely different. Ordinary Oxford cloth is a heavier, rougher, and more casual fabric.
The business and formal appearance are also suitable for everyday life. However, Royal Oxford, especially white, is best suited for more formal occasions, whether it is a suit or a tuxedo. Since Royal Oxford fabric looks very fashionable, we especially recommend it for French cuff shirts and wide-collar shirts. Wear a fitted formal shirt and navy blue suit for a stylish look. White Royal Oxford Fabric

Thomas Mason’s Journey uses an innovative anti-wrinkle formula. It is a luxurious 100% cotton fabric that is wrinkle-free, easy to wash, and looks clean all day long. From meetings to business trips, Journey bikes and scooters are the best choices. The ideal fabric for men on the go.


Fabric Details:

Suggested Style:             Business and casual shirts
Weave:                               Royal Oxford
Composition:                   100%  cotton
Thickness:                       Medium Light  Weight
Wrinkle Resistance:      4/5 Wrinkle Resistant
Shrinkage:                         Standard shrinkage allowances applied


Wash in 40 degrees centigrade

Hang to dry on a hanger

Iron at medium heat





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