Wrinkle-Free Mens Dress Shirt | Oxford White Dress...


Wrinkle-Free Mens Dress Shirt | Oxford White Dress...

Wrinkle-Free Mens Dress Shirt

Wrinkle-Free Mens Dress Shirt | Oxford White Dress...

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$125.00 $74.95

  • Mens Dress Shirts Detail
  • Men dress shirt

  • Collar shape: Wide Spread  3.25″ width
    Regular placket.
    either without a breast pocket or a breast pocket with a straight cover.
    French Square Cuffand back smooth.
    Note: We offer custom-made if our size chart is not suitable for your body. No extra charges for custom-made shirts. Select choose an option and go to Body or Shirt Measurement and add your size.
    If you need an initial write in order description(initial words like royal oxford mens shirtsmaximum 5 words)initial color and position without extra charges.
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Wrinkle-Free Mens Dress Shirt | Oxford White Dress Shirts | White Custom Tailored Shirt

Men’s Dress Shirt White Royal Oxford | Men’s Dress shirts White Bespoke collection features high-quality Royal Oxford shirts made from the famous Thomas Mason® fabric. Royal Oxford shirt fabric is a basket weave, similar to Oxford fabric, but the warp and weft of Royal Oxford fabric are made of very fine yarns, giving a softer, smoother feel. Collared shirt  Men Dress shirt
Panache Bespoke’s Royal Oxford shirts are made from a tightly woven fabric, which gives the fabric a luxurious and unique texture. This fabric also gives the shirt a fresh look and makes it wrinkle-resistant

Men’s Dress Shirt White Royal Oxford | Men’s Dress shirts White. The Royal Oxford shirt features a thick collar, full sleeves, and French cuffs. It is available in a slim fit, classic tailoring, and free order. This shirt is stylish, versatile, and can be worn off the rack. When it comes to business

It’s like a party – we offer a free handmade initial of 3 or 4 words.
Royal Oxford is a beautiful and eye-catching shirt fabric. Its intricate weave gives it a unique and expressive texture. It is generally very lightweight.

Men’s Dress Shirt White Royal Oxford | Men’s Dress shirts White

Royal Oxford is know for its softness. Something about the fabric causes the threads to puff up a bit, which is pleasant to the touch. Do not confuse Royal oxford with ordinary oxford or pointy oxford. They are completely different. Regular oxford fabric is heavier, rougher, and more casual.

With their professional and formal appearance, they are also suitable for everyday wear. However, Royal Oxford, especially in white, is more suitable for more formal occasions, such as suits and dinner jackets. Royal Oxford fabric is very trendy and therefore particularly suited for shirts with French cuffs and wide collars. Try a fitted formal shirt and a navy blue suit for an elegant look.

Journey by Thomas Mason features an innovative wrinkle-free formula. Made of 100% luxury cotton, it’s wrinkle-resistance, easy to wash, and stays clean all day. From meetings to business trips, Journey’s bikes and scooters are the best choices. It’s the perfect fabric for men on the go.

Technical Details

Fabric Royal Oxford
Composition: 80% cotton 20% Viscose

Thread count 100s 2-ply
MediumLight weight

Opacity 4 / 5 – very opaque
Crease-resistant 4 / 5 – slightly crease resistant

Wrinkle-Free Mens Dress Shirt | Oxford White Dress Shirts

Men’s Dress Shirt White Royal Oxford | Men’s Dress shirts White

The spaces between the leaves and the tips of the various collars are small and easy to use with pins, clips, or pins. These accessories allow you to increase the tie by closing the space between the tips of the collar.


The collar blade has a special hole that allows the use of a collar pin like a large safety pin or a pin unscrewed at one end. This special hair clip was commission by Panache.

Difference between Oxford, Royal oxford and pinpoint oxford

Oxford fabric is very similar to pinpoint oxford, but with slightly thicker yarns and a softer weave. It has a slightly coarser texture, but is stronger than most fabrics, and consists of a symmetrical basketweave in which one thread can cross two others. Originally developed for sportswear, it is not the most stylish and (in some environments) not suitable for office or formal wear. Oxford fabric is still us for the traditional American button-down polo shirt. The fabric also looks good when it comes out of the dryer, slightly wrinkled.

Royal Oxford
Royal oxford is what is know as a “nice fabric.” Despite the similarity of the name, it is nothing like pinpoint oxford or canvas oxford. It is a garment fabric with a unique sheen and texture. The weave is more prominent than that of broadcloth or pinpoint, making it ideal for those interested in formal shirts with visible weave.

Pinpoint Oxford

Men’s Dress Shirt White Royal Oxford | Men’s Dress shirts White

Pinpoint fabric (also known as Pinpoint Oxford) has the same weave as Oxford fabric, but with a finer yarn and tighter weave. It is more formal than Oxford but less formal than broadcloth or twill. It is ideal as an everyday work shirt, but should not be considered suitable for special events. Pimped fabrics are usually not sheer and are slightly heavier and thicker than broadcloth. The heavier weight also makes it more durable. If you’re looking for a more formal shirt, choose twill or broadcloth.

What is an Oxford shirt?

First of all, Oxford is a type of fabric product in Scottish textile mills. Its weave is heavier and rougher than that of a conventional shirt, and some call it basket weave. Oxford fabric is more formal than flannel, but it tends to be stiffer and more resistant to shaping. Oxford shirts are extremely versatile and can be worn with chinos for a business casual look or with a suit jacket and jeans. They are suitable for almost any situation and can be wear with many dress codes.

The Oxford shirt has its origins in polo players who needed buttons or pins on the collar flap of their shirts to avoid obstacles while running, but it doesn’t actually derive from the name of a British city. In fact, Oxford is a specific type of fabric, and Oxford shirts are made exclusively of this thicker fabric. Men’s Dress Shirt White Royal Oxford | Men’s Dress shirts White

Light Blue Oxford Fabric

Oxford fabric is made by weaving threads together to create a weave. Most of these shirts are classic oxfords, while the pointed oxford stands out more and has a sheen that rivals that of a dress shirt.

Brooks Brothers are largely responsible for the popularity of the oxford shirt in men’s fashion. They focused on polo pins and develop a shirt that used buttons. This new style of collar end the men’s fashion in which shirts and collars is buy and wear separately, and put the collar on the shirt.

How to Wear an Oxford Shirt

The secret to the Oxford shirt’s popularity lies in its versatility. Although they are not suited for formal occasions like dress shirts, they can still be wear for many different occasions. Men’s Dress Shirt White Royal Oxford | Men’s Dress shirts White

Oxford fabric is not as garish as pique or poplin but can be worn with a suit if you have the fashion sense for a dress code other than a black tie. Wearing contrasting colors adds to the sense of formality. Mix a white shirt with a blue suit and burgundy accessories. Add a tie to the shirt to make it more formal. A vest or jacket will make your shirt look more formal.

Men’s Dress Shirt White Royal Oxford | Men’s Dress shirts White

Oxford shirts are not suitable for formal work occasions but can be wear for casual work occasions. The Oxford shirt is a must-have in every businessman’s wardrobe. Worn with a deconstructed blazer and tailored pants, it represents the perfect balance between too dressy and not dressy enough. You can play with the blue pants and lightweight oxfords and wear them with a khaki sport coat or a gray coat, or wear them unbuttoned and tie-free under a suit.


For a casual sporty look, an oxford is the perfect casual wardrobe staple. Casual can be difficult because you don’t know how far to go or how to find the right balance. I like to wear my loose light blue oxfords with dark wash jeans. You can also tuck the oxford into chino pants and throw on a brown leather coat. Wear a slim-fit suit, bring the hem of the pants down to the ankle and pair the oxford shirt with dark sneakers or casual loafers.

Shirt Construction


Interlining is the material that is put between the two pieces of shirt fabric at the cuffs, buttoning, and collar. This material gives extra strength to these areas. The interlining in shirt construction can be fuse  or sewn. You can’t go wrong with either, but you should know the differences between them. At Panache Bespoke, we offer both cast and sewn interfacing.

The iron-on interfacing is a popular choice for ready-to-wear shirts, as the city shirt interfacing is hot glued and suitable for mass production. The iron-on interfacing is more solid and formal.

Sewn (not fuse) interfacing for shirt production has a softer feel and is joined by stitching rather than glue. This is the traditional method and is used primarily for custom shirts. Its liners have a timeless look and tend to last longer than sewn liners. Men’s Dress Shirt White Royal Oxford | Men’s Dress shirts White

Single Needle Stitch

All Panache Bespoke shirts are sewing with a one-needle stitch. This is a traditional and expensive method, but it produces an elegant and durable stitch (18-22 stitches per inch). All collars, cuffs, and buttoning is sewing with a single needle to ensure the longevity of the shirt.

Beautiful fabrics. Exceptional design. Perfect fit. Click on the buttons below to learn more about our shirts and how we can create a custom shirt for you. Men’s Dress Shirt White Royal Oxford | Men’s Dress shirts White

White Royal Oxford Fabric





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