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$80.00 $60.00

  • Mens Dress Shirts Details
  • collar pin
  • Collar shape: Pin collar Medium Spred
  • With button placket
  • No pocketCustom Mens Dress Shirts if you required pocket mentions in the comment section.
  • One Button Round cuff and back smooth
  • Regular fit
  • Note: We offer custom made if our size chart is not suitable for your body. No extra charges for custom made shirts. Select choose an option and go to Body or Shirt Measurement and add your size.
  • If you need initial or any other changes write in order description (initial words like maximum 5 words) initial color and position without extra charges.
  • Custom Dress ShirtsPin Collar shirts
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luxury White Pinned Collar Shirt

The luxury White Pinned Collar Shirt Poplin , a summer or winter fabric par excellence, has little texture, with its tight woven pattern on the underside that creates a feeling smooth . This poplin is an ideal choice for summers or a casual brunch outdoors.

Light and silky. It is specially woven for us using a 120’s warp and weft construction. Which allows it to resist better over time than most smooth and light fabrics of this style.

Luxury White Pinned Collar Shirt a collar pin is a piece of men’s jewelry which holds the two ends of a dress shirt collar and goes under the knot of a tie .

We love this like these because of their sleek appearance – this is a simple and elegant weave, without any texture. This gives it that crisp downtown appeal when ironed or you can wear it more casual if you decide to let the wrinkles appear.

Broadcloth Choice

Luxury White Pinned Collar Shirt the posh shirt might want cotton from the Barbados Sea Island. But your everyday guy will be fine with something he can throw in the wash, no iron, wrinkle resistant and reasonably priced. ”

Posture is important: “You want your shirt to be nice and clean on the back and chest. And the collar to be nice and flush with the back of the neck. Some guys’ necks are really far away.

We make posture adjustments and turn the collar half an inch forward or back to allow it to stick close to the neck without choking. ”

Become versatile with the necklace: “I always ask, what industry do you work in?” If you work in a law firm or a conservative financial firm, you want something suitable for the job.

Many of our finance guys want the Italian collar and the American collar. They are versatile without or with a tie. And the point-to-point gap is about five inches, the industry standard.

If you get a gap of six, seven inches … it’s aggressive. ”

Be hard on your buttons: “The choice of your buttons depends on dry cleaning or washing the shirt. We recommend the standard or Roma buttons – they are durable for the average guy.

The male snob, however, might insist on mother-of-pearl buttons. They’re older guys, maybe doctors, and they want something premium. ”

When wear pin collar shirt

Ideal for formal occasions, the pinned shirt should always be worn with a tie – avoiding those that are skinny and that stick to simple knots like the four-in-hand.

Ideal for formal occasions, the pinned shirt should always be worn with a tie – avoiding those that are skinny and that stick to simple knots like the four-in-hand.

For the rest of your outfit. We suggest that you keep the accessories to a minimum (a pocket and a watch would be enough) and associate it with your favorite costume.
From time to time, I remember that even if I am a clothing professional. There are still things to learn for me. Example: in 2017. I started to notice that Tom Ford wore a metallic look bar on the collar of his shirt which went under his tie.

I remembered seeing Daniel Craig while James Bond wore the same accessory in some of his recent films. Known to me now. This little accessory is called a collar bar. So, what is a necklace bar, or a necklace pin or clip.

Suggested Style:             Business and casual
Weave:                             Broadcloth
Composition:                   100% cotton
Thickness:                       Medium light Weight
Wrinkle Resistance:        3/5 Wrinkle Resistant
Shrinkage:                        Standard shrinkage allowances applied

Washing Description:

Wash in 40 degrees centigrade

Hang to dry on a hanger, do not tumble dry

Iron at medium heat

Do not tumble dry

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