Pink Pin Collar...


Pink Pin Collar...

Pink Pin Collar shirt

Pink Pin Collar...


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  • Mens Dress Shirts Detail
  • Pink Pin Collar shirt

  • Collar shape: Pin collar with 3″ width pincollar pin is a very correct form of the collar in business shirts.
  • With button placket
  • No pocket if you required pocket mentions in the comment section.
  • French Round cuff and back smooth
  • Note: We offer custom made if our size chart is not suitable for your body. No extra charges for custom made shirts. Select choose an option and go to Body or Shirt Measurement and add your size.
  • If you need any changes in the collar, cuff, or any more. Write-in the description section on the checkout page.
  • If you need initial write in order description (initialMulty Check Shirts | Men's Dress Shirts words like maximum 5 words) initial color and position without extra charges.
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Pink Pin Collar shirt | Pink Herringbone

Pink Pin Collar shirt | Pink Herringbone is suitable not only for offices but also for award parties and business dinners.

Made of delicately textured cotton, it features a double lapel and collar bars, pushing the tie forward for a more elegant look.

An elegant looking men’s oxford Pin collar shirt with many customization options. A dress shirt with holes in the spread collar for the color pin bar. 

Pink Pin Collar shirt

Elegant and functional, spiked collar shirts are one of the many styles offered for men.

The main purpose of the eyelet bar is twofold: firstly the pin brings the collar tabs together, creating a unique and attractive look.

Secondly, the pin supports the knot of the tie which makes the tie more noticeable.

It is always nice to wear ties with a pin in the collar. Also, never wear a collar pin shirt without a tie. It sounds ridiculous.

 This shirt is made of Herringbone fabric and has a soft pin collar.

This is one of the most versatile styles. With a timeless design, you can wear anything from swimwear pants to unlined suits like a modern office.

Herringbone fabrics are extremely durable, but the texture feels exquisite and soft. -Classic herringbone Fabric-A soft, highly tailored, and colorful wardrobe essential. 


Pink herringbone is a timeless dress shirt style, and the premium Supima cotton fabric is the perfect version for hassle-free care.

The texture of herringbone shines on this shirt, giving it a particularly white tint.

The durable 80’s 2Ply construction provides a comfortable medium weight throughout the four seasons.

It has enough body to drape firmly while maintaining breathability.

Premium American Supima Cotton only improves the feel and performance. Adds great softness and strength.

Pink Pin Collar shirt

Finished with an innovative formaldehyde-free treatment, it keeps your skin comfortable and wrinkle-resistant all day long.

Therefore’ it’s easy to clean. Wear directly from the washer and dryer, or press quickly for an incredibly clean and professional look.

Herringbone is a finer weave than thick twill fabrics. That means it works under a suit and tie, but it looks better if you roll up your sleeves after work.

It’s a little dressier, wider, and herringbone than twill, and I love to wear it softly while looking very luxurious.

Pink Pin Collar shirt

If you want your synchronized tie to get more attention, wearing a collared shirt is one of the ways to achieve a solid look.

Consider a collar pin as cufflinks that come in a gold or silver finish and the accurate finish must be selected to complement your outfit.

Now you may be wondering which metal finish goes with which attire. In reality, it completely depends on your personal style that is assimilated and refined with effort and time.


Suggested Style:                                     Business and casual shirts
Weave:                                                     Herringbone
Composition:                                          100% Egyptian cotton
Thickness:                                              Medium-light Weight
Wrinkle Resistance:                             4/5 Wrinkle Resistant
Shrinkage:                                              Standard shrinkage allowances applied


Wash in 40 degrees centigrade.

Machine washable.

Hang to dry on a hanger.

Iron at medium heat.








Pink Pin Collar shirt


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